Industrial Property Use Classes

Understanding about use classes is essential when looking for an industrial property as they indicate what the property you're interested can be used for. Learn all about use classes related to industrial property with MOVEHUT.

Commercial industrial property use classes

There are two main permitted common use classes that are relevant when renting or buying an industrial property; B2 and B8.

The B2 class, also known as ‘General Industrial’ is for undertaking general industrial process, whether it’s for the purposes of manufacturing light or heavy goods. Moreover, if your business falls within use classes of B3 to B7, the B2 category would not be relevant.

The class B8 is relevant if you’re planning to use an industrial property for the purpose of storage and distribution.

It should also be noted that there are special industrial classes with this specific category of commercial property, which are more strictly regulated; B3 to B7. If you’re planning to carry out very specific industrial business processes, such as curing fish, boiling or grinding bones, producing rubber from scrap or producing zinc oxide, these are the classes you will need to carefully look into.

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