Automotive Property Categories

The range of automotive based property types is wide and varied in a range of industry types. Learn all about the different categories right here with our breakdown of various automotive property types.

Commercial automotive property types

Breaking the automotive property sector into individual categories and sub sections is easily achieved by looking at the major markets involved in the industry. The automotive property categories encompass smaller categories like product sales, repair and maintenance services, manufacture and distribution and the remaining more niche markets like vehicle hire and petrol filling stations.

All the relevant automotive property categories are detailed further below:

Showroom and forecourt property

The new car market is seen by many observers as a barometer of the economy and the number of cars leaving showrooms is watched closely. But in addition to new car dealerships, motorcycle and commercial vehicle dealers also require showrooms and forecourt properties.

Added to this is the huge used car market. Around three quarters of motorists buy used cars and the industry is worth billions that contribute to the UK economy. With used car sales expected to grow, and consumers preferring to trust dealers over private sellers, demand for showrooms and forecourt properties is set to rise accordingly.

Garage, repair and servicing property

Independent workshops and garages enjoy a healthy and growing share of the servicing market. The fact that independents can now access manufacturer information and repair vehicles within warranty periods has certainly helped, but so too has the personal level of customer service they provide.

You’ll find a great choice available if you’re searching for an automotive property in this sub category. We have a variety of workshops, fast-fit centres and body shops for sale or rent in locations to suit all these businesses. So if you want rapid results, begin your search for a garage, repair and servicing property with MOVEHUT today.

Vehicle manufacturing and distribution property

Vehicle manufacturing is another segment of the automotive property industry, with many prominent motor vehicle manufactures housing manufacturing industries in the UK. Most properties that fall under the manufacturing industry would be classified as a heavy industrial property.

Distribution and vehicle transport is another industry that ties in directly with the manufacturing industry, with vehicles being moved, shipped and transferred in the UK and also outside the UK. Automotive distribution properties would typically fall under a warehouse or industrial classification too.

Filling station property

Competition from supermarket forecourts and increasing fuel taxes have both had a negative impact on independent filling stations over recent years. This has led to many closing for good creating so called ‘fuel deserts’ in some areas.

So if you’re searching for a filling station property, it’s essential to research the local market and assess demand. Once you’ve done this, you can begin your search for a filling station property in your area with us.

Vehicle hire properties

Vehicle hire is another automotive based industry that shows continued momentum. Sectors like the long standing van hire industry, which has been around for years and allows the public access to a larger transportation vehicle for short time periods and is still showing good business growth.

Car leasing is also immensely popular and now a viable alternative to vehicle loans, with leasing allowing owners to keep a modern vehicle for similar prices to loan repayments.


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