Buying an Automotive Property

If you're planning to buy an automotive property, it's always worth having the best information to hand. Our automotive category buying information should make your search uncomplicated and straightforward whatever class of automotive property you are looking for.

Buying an automotive property information

MOVEHUT is the place to begin if you’re searching for an automotive property to buy. We have a huge selection of automotive properties for sale in all areas of the UK ranging from small workshops to spacious showrooms.

If you are looking to buy an automotive property rather than renting, then you’re probably an established business and are more confident about what elements are key to your purchase. We have put together some handy key points that are worth thinking about before rushing in to purchase, which you can look at below.

  • Where do you want your automotive property to be located in?
  • What is your spending budget?
  • Will you need to obtain additional financing?
  • Do you have any specific requirements?
  • What section of the motor industry?
  • Have you investigated any local competition in the area?
  • What are the future plans and will the property provide enough room?

Don’t forget that when buying an automotive property the same additional factors will apply like stamp duty land tax, which is applicable on any automotive property over £150,000. Additionally, there are a number of ongoing costs like business rates, which will be calculated based on the rateable value of any automotive property you’re considering purchasing.

When buying an automotive property, we always suggest looking for a property that matches your intended use class, unless you’re planning to convert the property to another use class in which case you need to consider the implications of applying for planning permission on the property.

So whether you’re planning to open an exhaust centre or a used car dealership in the UK, you’ll find the best automotive properties to buy online with MOVEHUT.

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