Leisure Commercial Property

Learn more about the leisure commercial property market with out category guide. We have information on the leisure property market, what categories are covered, our leisure property FAQ, and the use classes applicable to leisure property in the UK.

Commercial leisure property

The leisure property category is perhaps the most diverse in the commercial property market. It includes everything from exclusive restaurants to fast food takeaways, and a host of other types of commercial properties in between. The sheer diversity offered in this category not only make it one of the most interesting, but also makes many of the niche properties rarities. Public houses, for example, fall under the leisure category but they are one of the rarest properties you may see on the market in the UK. Hotels and restaurants are another examples of niche leisure properties that are less likely to come onto the market, so it’s very important to be active when you’re on the search in the leisure market. Luckily here at MOVEHUT, we have an extensive selection of leisure properties for sale and to rent in locations throughout the UK.

Finding a leisure property with MOVEHUT

Finding a leisure property to rent or buy is simple with MOVEHUT. All you need to do is enter the location and we’ll do the rest. You can refine your search by selecting from a number of options and we’re extremely confident of providing you with the best selection of leisure properties currently available in the UK.

The diversity of the UK leisure property market

Leisure is one of the most interesting property categories in the commercial property market. With such a broad range of property types covering a mix of industries, you will really have your pick and choice regardless of the property type you are searching for. The leisure category offers properties in serviced based categories like pubs, hotels and restaurants, along with more entertainment based types like nightclubs, bars and theatres. The leisure industry additionally covers properties like sports facilities, from gyms to water parks, and even bowling alleys and health clubs.

The value of the UK leisure market

The UK leisure industry was worth over 60 billion within the last two years. While the industry has been in slow decline in the last few years, it’s still a major market, coming in as the fifth largest UK industry from one of the top ten agents. Of course, when the market is on the downturn, it would mean it’s a great time to move into this industry to take advantage of the unusual conditions. The leisure industry is estimated to employ over 1.8 million people, coming in at around 10% of the total UK employment market.

Actively searching for the right leisure property

With the leisure commercial property market, you may find that you need to be actively searching on a frequent basis to find the right property, even more so than with any other category. With many of the uses of leisure based commercial properties being niche focused, it means the demand is typically higher than the supply, so the competition will be fierce and we fully recommend keeping active in any leisure based search.

Keep up to date on all the latest leisure properties

With the high demand for the niche properties available under the leisure category, MOVEHUT‘s mailing list is a useful tool. Our mailing list can keep you up to date with the latest properties like pubs, hotels and restaurants as they come on the market. It’s easy to sign up for the mailing list, just navigate to http://www.MOVEHUT.co.uk/mailing-list/ and enter in your email address to keep abreast of of the latest leisure property advertised on MOVEHUT.


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