Leisure Property Use Classes

Learn about the use classes typically assigned to leisure based properties. From leisure properties like pubs, restaurants and cafes we can help you determine what the correct use classes are.

Commercial leisure property use classifications

Unlike most commercial property categories, the leisure industry has a varied and diverse range of use classes due to its broad range from entertainment to service based properties. With properties, such as restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, caravan parks and campsites, it’s easy to see why the category demands such diverse use classes.

Certain classes of leisure properties were addressed and amended in 2005 when the old class of A3:Food and drink was separated into three separate classes. The class was split into A3:Restaurants and Cafes, A4:Drinking Establishments and A5:Hot Food Take-Away.

Restaurants and cafes are both listed under the same use class A3. Hot food takeaways also have a specific use class, listed under the A5 use class.

C1 is the use class that covers the hotelier industry including bed and breakfast, hotels and any form of boarding or guest houses, which are all covered by the leisure industry.

A4 is the use class for drinking establishments like pubs and bars which both fall under the A4 use class. You may be wondering why a public house that also serves food could be classed as a restaurant too, but typically, the use class will fall within the primary industry of the property, whether it is primarily a pub or a restaurant is the factor that will define the use class.

Gyms, indoor and outdoors sports centres and facilities all fall under the D2 Assembly and Leisure use class. Cinemas, bingo halls, Dance halls, swimming baths and skating rinks also fall under the classification of D2.

Sui Generis actually covers a lot of properties that are classified under the leisure category. Sui Generis in commercial property terms actually defines any property or use that does not fall under the existing use classes A-D. In real world terms, sui generis covers niche market properties like many of the categories that fall into the leisure class. These include cinemas, bowling alleys, nightclubs and theatres.

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