Leisure Property Categories

Read our Leisure property use class guide, to learn all about the various uses of leisure property. The leisure property category is probably one of the most varied which also means it has a lot of use classes, all of which you can read about with our guide.

Commercial leisure property types

With the diverse choice of properties available under the leisure category, why not take a look at the main categories and the properties that fall under them.

Restaurants and cafes

If you’re planning to open a restaurant or a cafe in your local area, it’s advisable to research the market and draw up a detailed business plan. Factors to consider include the location, the quality of the menu and the type of establishment you’d like to create. Commercial properties suitable for either of these purposes in the leisure industry are available to browse with the great selection for sale and rent at MOVEHUT.

Hot food takeaways

With people living increasingly busy lives, the convenience and value for money offered by hot food takeaways ensures they will always remain popular. However, if you’re searching for a leisure property to rent or buy for this purpose, you should be aware that strict local authority planning conditions will apply.

These will normally result in a refusal for applications for this type of commercial property usage in residential areas. In some cases, local authorities actively discourage large concentrations of hot food takeaways in certain areas, so it’s advisable to check the policy of your local council beforehand.

Hotels and tourism

Tourism is worth over £100 billion to the UK economy and supports a growing number of jobs. With tourism expenditure and room occupancy forecast to grow, there is clearly huge potential for hotel properties.

If you’re searching for a leisure property for this purpose, location should be a key factor in your choice. Hotels in the right spot can thrive and at MOVEHUT, there are properties available in prime locations throughout the UK.

Drinking establishments

The traditional British pub has struggled over the recent years. Faced with the rise of the gastro-pub and changing consumer habits, many have closed with the vacant commercial properties put to other uses. However, there will always be demand for the right type of pub in the right location so anyone considering entering the trade should be prepared to do their homework. On the other hand, town centre bars and wine bars continue to prosper in a very competitive market.

At MOVEHUT, you will find pubs, bars and wine bars for sale or rent in a range of prime locations offering a variety of opportunities to existing businesses and newcomers to the licensed trade.


Entertainment leisure based property is extremely common as well, but often in scarce supply. Properties like cinemas, driving ranges, dance hall, music venues and golf courses are all examples of leisure based entertainment properties. Due to their unique nature and rarity, we do list properties like these but of course there may be less than you would find with a more busy category like offices or serviced offices.

Camping and caravanning

Camping and caravanning is another area of the leisure property market. Campsites, caravan parks and touring parks are all properties you will find in the leisure section of MOVEHUT.

Health and fitness

The gym, health club and fitness market all fall under the leisure category, in their various forms and guises. Additionally indoor based sports properties are also covered, including swimming pools, football pitches and also commercial outdoor based sports properties like football pitches, basketball courts and other piece of land used for recreational sport.

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