Serviced Office Property

The serviced office category is one of the more popular commercial property classes. Also known as business centres or executive suites, services offices make life easy, especially for new companies looking for an all inclusive service.

Serviced office commercial property information

Serviced offices are a commercial property type that is also commonly referred to as executive suites or business centres. A serviced office differs from a traditional office due to the fact it is generally fully furnished and offers many included services in the rental cost. This means that the initial costs are generally considered higher for a serviced office but it typically includes the cost for various services including electricity, lighting, security, cleaning and building maintenance costs.

The other big factor where a serviced office differs from a traditional office space is the lease term. Serviced offices can have lease terms ranging from three to twelve months as opposed to the long term lease normally associated with traditional office space.

In summary, the major benefits of a serviced office include the management of many services and its flexible lease terms. This makes serviced offices ideal for anyone looking to quickly set up an office without the typical tasks or jobs associated that would normally have to be organised with a traditional office.

Finding a serviced office with MOVEHUT

Serviced offices are one of the most popular categories on MOVEHUT and we have a great selection of serviced offices all over the UK for you to browse. Whether you need a serviced office to rent in the short term or are looking to buy a serviced office as a future investment property for yourself, then we can help you locate serviced office property choices all over the country.

Serviced office around the UK

Finding a serviced office in your local area couldn’t be any easier using MOVEHUT. We have properties listed in the UK, whether you need to find a serviced office for a small team of staff in England or a large serviced office in Scotland or Wales. Therefore, if you are searching for a serviced office in any of these locations, we are here to make that search easier.

Popular locations in the UK for serviced offices

Serviced offices are always popular due to their ease of use and the quick turnaround time for anyone in need of a workspace immediately. Throughout the UK, we provide serviced offices in the key cities and towns, like London, Manchester and Birmingham. Typically, serviced offices are most popular in large urban areas, particularly the large cities. This is due to their clientele and usage. MOVEHUT takes pride in its diverse coverage of the UK and we of course have listings for serviced offices in the smaller towns and locations too, if required.

Serviced office positive points

Serviced offices are one of the more popular categories in the commercial field for a good reason. Serviced offices offer lots of benefits and positive points. From their short term leases to the easy-to-manage payments, which allow one simple payment to be made, rather than dealing with five or six service providers like telephone, internet and energy providers. So let’s take a look at some of the best things associated with serviced offices.

  • Short lease/licence terms
  • Variable lease terms
  • Convenient bill payments
  • Short turnaround time
  • Flexibility for you
  • Minimal set up costs
  • On site services

Short lease/licence terms

One major benefit of serviced offices is their short and flexible lease/licence terms. The shorter licence of a serviced office can range from three months upwards offering superb manoeuvrability for businesses in a transition period or companies looking for a temporary base or additional office space.

Who are serviced offices suitable for?

A serviced office is ideal for a range of companies from expanding businesses to new regional branches of an existing firm. Serviced offices are also ideal for new or start-up companies looking to cut down the amount of management work that an office can bring. A serviced office really allows you to not worry about many of the problems associated with a traditional office.


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