Serviced Office Services

When looking for a serviced office, you will need to ensure you are aware of what services are included into the hire cost. Factors like office furniture, business rates and heating and lighting costs are all factors to be considered.

Additional serviced associatted with a serviced office

With a serviced office, you will typically find that many services are included in the rental price, hence the term ‘serviced office’. Each provider will typically offer a slightly different selection of services, but as a rough guide, we have included some information on the common services that will be included and also the ones that traditionally aren’t.

Services that can be associated with serviced offices

It is very common to wonder exactly what services are generally covered when renting a serviced office. Below, you can find most of the services that will be included in a serviced office rental;

  • Rent
  • Office furniture
  • Business rates
  • Water charges
  • Building insurance and cover
  • Electricity costs
  • Lighting costs
  • Heating costs
  • Air conditioning costs
  • Building maintenance
  • Building cleaning
  • Staffed reception
  • Post and parcel management
  • Alarm systems
  • Kitchen area and facilities
  • Common areas
  • Refuse collection and management
  • Recycling services

Services that are normally not associated with serviced offices

Some bills are often kept separate with a serviced office, although this is not always the case. Many serviced offices will allow you to use their broadband with the option of purchasing your own bespoke package instead. Listed below are some of the more common items that are often not included in a serviced office rental package:

  • Phone bills and costs
  • Broadband and internet bills
  • Content and equipment insurance

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