Renting a Serviced Office

Finding the right serviced office to rent can often be a difficult task. Our category information guide will help you navigate the market and make finding the right serviced office easy.

Locating a serviced office to let

Finding a service office to rent in a town or a city in the UK is something that we aim to make easier for you and your business. We provide listings in every town, city and postcode in the UK, which means you can easily narrow down and get a refined search to pick and choose the perfect serviced office for you.

Locality and amenities

Location is key with any commercial property and a serviced office is no different. Choosing the right location for your business office might be something you need to spend time thinking about. Serviced offices typically appear in more urban areas in general. City centres and town centres are much more common serviced office location than rural areas, and this may affect your decision on whether you require a serviced office or not.

Office Space

Space is another key element with a serviced office. Of course, growth and expansion are not as big an issue if our renting as serviced office but it would be wise to ensure your lease term period is suitably arranged to match any potential growth spurts your company or business could experience in the near future.


Parking is another feature that may be required for your serviced office. Some serviced offices will provide full parking option, allowing you lots of freedom with regards to your workforce. Other serviced offices, particularly, town and city centre based serviced offices might not offer any parking spaces. However, you should remember these types of locations normally have great public transport links, so this is something that may be worth keeping in mind. In some cases, you will find serviced offices provide a couple of parking spaces, which can give you the option to purchase more on site parking, should you need it for company directors, visitors or clients.

Lease/licence period

One of the major benefits of serviced offices are their short lease/licence periods that can range from three months upwards, giving you incredible flexibility. If you’re a business that is growing rapidly or need a base to work from temporarily, a serviced office should be a prime choice. Typically with a serviced office, you will find they operate on a licence rather than the traditional lease.

Cost and pricing

Cost is a key factor when searching for a serviced office, finding an office in a suitable location at the right price. One key thing to consider with a serviced office is that nearly all your costs will be included in the rental price, so you won’t have to worry about calculating all your additional costs, with the possible exception of telephone, broadband and any office supplies you might need.

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