Renting a Shop and Retail Property

There are many factors you should consider, which makes your shop property to rent search simpler and effective. In this section, MOVEHUT takes a close look at essential factors that will make an impact on your choice and ensures you rent the right shop.

Locating a shop property to let

There is generally an abundance of shop property available in locations throughout the UK, so finding a shop to rent in your area should be no problem with MOVEHUT. Whether it is a regional shopping destination, small town or village, our online commercial property service is the best place to begin.

There are a number of factors to consider before renting a retail property. Perhaps, the most important of these is location. This can be crucial to the prospects for your business so it is worth undertaking a little research. For example, attracting passing trade will be vital to your business so it would be wise to have an idea of footfall in the area. Other things to take into account when deciding on the shop location include what impact local traffic restrictions may have on deliveries and whether the location will attract the right types of shoppers.

Business rates applicable to the retail property you’re interested in renting is something you should look into when you’re searching. Business rates are certainly one of the major costs associated with renting a shop property and a factor that should impact your choice. It may be worth looking into whether you will be eligible for either small business or rural rate relief.

There is one other critical factor to consider before starting your shop property to rent search: what kind of marketing strategy or approach will attract more customers and make your business successful? Although effective pricing will always be important, it may not be the only factor that influences customer choice when it comes to products and services. Developing and implementing a unique marketing strategy can also attract the attention of consumers, and this could be the key to the success of your shop business. Furthermore, as discussed in the previous section, developing strong brand awareness can make it easier for you to carry out effective marketing campaigns.


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