Shop and Retail Property Use Classes

Knowing which use class category your shop property will fit into is important to ensure you can use the property for your intended usage. Find the information on the use classes relevant to shop and retail property right here with our guide.

Use classes applicable for shop and retail properties

The main use class types that are relevant specifically to a shop property are A1 and A2.

The most common category for a shop property is A1, which is classed as ‘Shops’. All types of retail properties, whether it’s a shoe shop, a sweet shop or a large grocery store fall within this category.

It may be that there are some shops that gets categorised in A2, which is for properties providing financial and professional services. Examples of properties that will need the A2 use class include banks, estate agents and employment centres.

Shop and retail properties are one of the easiest commercial property classes to change the use for. For example, you can convert most properties with use classes of A2, A3, A4 and A5 to the A1 use class without planning permission. However, if you plan to make significant changes to the property’s external features then you would in most cases still need to apply for planning permission.

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