Renting a Warehouse

You will find there are a few things that are worth looking into carefully before renting a warehouse, such as the location and the property size. We have gathered the information to help you choose the warehouse perfectly matched to your business needs.

Finding a warehouse to let

Renting a warehouse is a popular choice in the UK, especially for new businesses. This is due to the flexibility the property offers in terms of business activities you can potentially undertake. Like any other property types, there are a few things you may want to consider in order to find yourself the perfect one that matches your needs. So make sure you identify your warehouse requirements before you start searching.


Location is a crucial factor when renting a warehouse. For example, is it in a convenient location where your employees and clients can easily get to?

Size and layout

How much space will you need to accommodate all the necessary equipment and machinery? Furthermore, will the layout of the building allow flexibility to what machinery you can install? If you’re not sure about your warehouse size requirements, it may be worth consulting a commercial agent to help you decide on these details.

Length of lease

How long do you need to rent a warehouse for? Is it temporary space your new business is looking for and want to evaluate first to assess if it’s worth renting in a long term. Or are you looking for a warehouse for your well established business that is looking for long lease that affords long term security.

Required facilities

How many car parking spaces will you require for your staff and clients? Will you need two separate bathrooms for your male and female staff? Is the warehouse’s floor loading up to your expectations?

Lease terms

There are things that are obviously your responsibilities like health and safety of the warehouse. It is also very important to clarify what optional property responsibilities you will want to have as a tenant. For example, do you feel comfortable being responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the premises? This would mean you will have to return the warehouse property to state that it was at the beginning of the tenancy.These are usually referred to as FRI or full repairing and insuring lease.

Planning permission

Does the warehouse carry the right planning permission for you to undertake your planned business activities?

When you have considered all these factors, you are ready to start searching on MOVEHUT for a warehouse to rent. By understanding the finer points of renting a warehouse, you will be able to more effectively find the property that is perfect for you.

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