Warehouse Property Categories

Warehouse is a popular category in the commercial property market in the UK, and there are various sub categories you can choose to acquire. Read on to discover the different types of warehousing commercial property.

Warehouse property sub categories

The warehouse category consists of several different types of properties for different purposes. One thing to note here is that depending on the type you decide you choose to buy or rent, different use classes will be required, which is explained in more detail in the later section.

Storage and distribution centre

A distribution centre is a popular choice of the warehouse category. The purpose of a distribution is to stock a significantly high volume of products of all types in one single location. For example, you may be a large retail business needing a warehouse to stock and store the goods until required to be redistributed.

This type of warehouse often includes refrigeration systems depending on the type of goods stored in the property, this is essential for, in particular, food products to keep them fresh.

When you’re buying or renting for your business, you will need to consider a number of additional costs. Examples of the costs can include containers, such as pallets and boxes as well as specialised vehicles to move the products including fork lift trucks.

Retail warehouse

A retail warehouse is a property type that purpose is to sell products with some degree of storage space in the building. Retail warehouses are typically located out of town where consumers are normally required to drive to travel to these properties. Furthermore, they are often located in retail parks or nearby.

A retail warehouse can be in any specific industry within the broad retail industry. For instance, your business can be related to computing, furniture, toys or any other types. They are also typically single floored. Examples of retail warehouses in the UK include some properties of Argos, Toys R Us and Pets at Home.

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