Healthcare Property Categories

Learn about the healthcare category property use classes with our category guide. You'll find that various classes are used in different sectors of the healthcare industry, from residential institutions to medical research and development facilities.

Healthcare property types

Healthcare is a diverse commercial property category encompassing properties suitable for a variety of uses. These include, but are not restricted to, the following;

Residential institutions

The UK has an ageing population and with continuing growth in the over 65’s age group predicted, demand for residential institutions is set to rise accordingly. As this continues, new developments will provide further high quality care homes freeing up older properties and stimulating the market. At MOVEHUT, you will find a range of residential properties for sale or rent in locations close to you, providing lucrative opportunities in this growing sector.

Medical properties

Medical properties can be used for a variety of purposes. At MOVEHUT, we have properties on our listings in handy locations that would be ideal for use as either GP or dental surgeries. In addition, this subcategory also includes medical centres, private hospitals and similar types of commercial property.

Alternative medicine services

Medical properties are also suitable for the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) market and are suitable for services like homoeopathic services, massage and sports therapy. Chinese medicine and alternative healing services are also creating demand.

Research and development properties

Research and development in the healthcare field is a vital and growing industry. It includes clinical medicine, molecular biology and cancer research to name three crucial areas. Medical and biomedical research and development has generated commercial property developments, such as the Cambridge Biomedical Campus over recent years and looks set to continue to do so as the sector thrives in hubs up and down the country. So if you are involved in any of these fields, you may find a healthcare property that would be ideal for your purposes with MOVEHUT.

Science park properties

This sub category of healthcare commercial property is closely related to research and development and increasingly they go hand in hand. Over recent years, Science Parks have sprung up on sites throughout the UK including the suburbs of many big cities. Science Parks provide business accommodation where networking and collaboration are part of the culture. The types of companies based on Science Parks come from a range of high-tech and innovative industries including those from the medical research and development sector which are frequently based in this type of commercial property.


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