Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms offer a large diversity of uses for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you need to arrange a company meeting, host interviews or run a small training session, a meeting room could be the perfect solution.

Meeting room category

Meeting Rooms are one of the most popular categories of commercial property in the UK. Their flexibility, ease of use and ready availability make them valued resources for businesses and individuals alike.

Meeting rooms are also referred to as conference rooms, although ‘meeting room’ is traditionally the most popular term used to to describe such a commercial property type in the UK.

Corporate meetings and conferences that utilise meeting rooms in the UK attract both domestic and overseas interest and are major contributors to the UK economy. The business tourism industry is at the high yield end of the tourism spectrum and sustains a growing number of jobs. In some cases, it has led to the regeneration of urban areas as cities compete to attract the inward investment that can follow these events.

The flexibility of meeting rooms

Meeting rooms have lots of positive points but their flexibility really is key to their high popularity. Meeting rooms can allow you to easily enable country wide staff to meet up in one central location, for instance, they can allow you to run a training event for large groups or allow you to host a presentation or lecture easily. Whatever use you can think of, there will most likely be a meeting room suitable for that business purpose.

Meeting room sizes

Meeting rooms are available in all sizes from small venues like an interview room, a four person meeting room, or even a training room that is suitable for up to eight people. Meeting rooms are also available on a much larger scale like a theatre styled room for presentations and lectures, and those suitable for a corporate meetings for large parties.

Meeting room listings

It’s easy to find a meeting room with MOVEHUT. Our listings include meeting rooms to rent in all locations throughout the UK. Whether you’re planning a conference, staff training session or sales meeting, we have facilities to ensure your event runs smoothly. To find the perfect meeting room, you can easily start searching here at MOVEHUT, we provide listings all over the UK.

Meeting rooms around the UK

Location and price are the most important keywords when it comes to meeting rooms and London remains the top conference destination in the UK. Other popular spots include regional business centres like Manchester and Leeds and coastal locations like Brighton, Torquay and Blackpool. At MOVEHUT, you can easily search for meeting rooms in these locations and many more at prices to suit all budgets.

Meeting rooms positive points

  • Lots of choice and availability
  • Wide range of purposes and uses
  • Short notice booking
  • Centralised meeting points for country wide workforces
  • Flexibility of booking times
  • Additional business services
  • Ease of booking

Factors to consider when booking a meeting room

Before choosing a meeting room, it’s definitely advisable to take in some considerations beforehand, so we have compiled some frequently points you may want to consider.

What equipment do you require?

Before your start your search for a meeting room, we recommend you to investigate and plan what additional equipment you will require. If this is carefully planned before booking a meeting room, you can ensure you find the right provider that will have some or all of the equipment you require included in the hire cost.

Alternatively, you can, of course, hire additional equipment from any third party vendor.

How long do you plan to hire the meeting room for?

Before you book a meeting room, it’s essential you know what time period you wish to hire the property for. This is for the costing purposes and to ensure you can find a suitable room with the provider.

The Location of the meeting room and transport issues and parking?

Location, parking requirements and transport needs are all essential factors that should be taken into account when booking a meeting room. If your attendees are travelling by public transport, then you will need to ensure that the transport links are suitable for them to get to the venue. Conversely, if your attendees are travelling by car, then ensuring there are enough parking spaces will be more important.

The number of people attending?

The number of people attending your meeting or conference will need to be of a suitable size. If you’re unsure of what sized room you require, we advise speaking to the provider who will be able to give you more detailed information on your room size requirements.

The setting of the meeting room, do you want a rural retreat or an urban location?

Meeting rooms offer you a wide choice of settings, from city and town centre locations to rural retreats. Why not consider what kind of atmosphere and environment would suit your event before booking a meeting room.

Creating the right impression

If your intention is to create a good impression of your business in order to impress your clients or delegates, you might want to take advantage of an all inclusive deal providing hospitality and a catering service.


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