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Read our FAQ on meeting rooms and get answers to common questions about the property category. We cover all kinds of topics pertaining to meeting rooms, from pricing to booking structures.

Meeting rooms frequently

While booking a meeting room is extremely easy, we often find that many people have questions of all types regarding meeting rooms, such as their uses and the booking and pricing structures. Our meeting room FAQs should help you answer these potential questions.

What types of businesses require meeting rooms?

Every type of business may require meeting rooms either on a regular or occasional basis. This could be for sales or board meetings, brainstorming sessions, staff training days or product launches.

Businesses, charities and a variety of private and public bodies also regularly require conference facilities catering for anything from a handful to a large number of delegates.

What can I expect to pay for a meeting room?

Costs for a meeting room can vary, but at the time of writing this could be anything from £100 a day to £400 a day and upwards. The best way to estimate the price would be to take into account the size of the meeting room you’re looking to hire, its location, and what additional services you may require. If in doubt, we always advise enquiring with a few providers to get a clearer idea of your overall cost.

Can I hire a meeting room by the hour?

Yes, in most cases you will be able to hire a meeting room by the hour. If not then providers would offer a half a day or full day option instead.

Can I book a meeting room for multiple days?

Yes, of course. You would need to ensure with the provider that your chosen meeting room is available for hire for the time periods you require.

What additional services will a meeting room offer free of charge?

Typically most meeting rooms offer free internet access and wifi, and some will provide you with basic refreshments like water, whiteboards and projection boards. Before you book any meeting room though, you should definitely raise these questions as every meeting room provider works differently and some may not include any extra services in the hire price.

How long in advance do I need to book a meeting room?

Of course, this will depend on multiple factors like how big a venue you require is, the locality and any additional services you may require. Finding a small meeting room for four or five people should prove relatively easy on short notice, for example. On the other hand, if you require a meeting room for 40 people upwards with specific features, then you should be looking to book with a good amount of notice to ensure you get the correct meeting room.

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