Booking a Meeting Room

When it comes to booking a meeting room, there are various technical details that will be beneficial to know. Our information guide will make it easy for you to decide what steps to take in order to find a suitable meeting room whatever your business needs.

How to book a meeting room

Whether your company or organisation requires premises for meeting space, a training space or as a conference facility, MOVEHUT is the place to start. Our listings include meeting rooms to rent that are ideal for all these purposes.

To book a meeting room, you simply need to get in touch with the company providing the space. You can do this by dialling the contact phone number on the website or by filling in our contact form, which will get directly sent to the agent hiring the meeting room in your chosen location.

Hire periods with meeting rooms

Most meeting rooms offer some degree of flexibility on their booking/hire period options. The common options are rental by hour, by half day and by day. Of course, not all meeting rooms offer all these options, but typically you should be able to find a suitable venue in the area you require that offers the correct booking/hire periods for your needs.

Cancellation periods

If you need to cancel a meeting room after booking, then typically the time you allow before cancellation will affect what type of refund you may receive. Some companies offer no charge for cancelling if you cancel with good notice, but in most cases it also depends upon the size of the meeting room. Large meeting room booking may offer no cancellation refund, so whenever you’re looking to book a meeting room, it’s extremely important to check the terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of what you’re agreeing to.


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