Office Property

Offices are a commercial property category that is consistently in demand. With the large amount of white collar workers and businesses in the UK, offices are a proven favourite in the commercial property world.

Office Commercial Property

Offices are always a popular category of commercial property at MOVEHUT. We find there is strong demand for small and large offices all around the United Kingdom. In some areas of the UK, a lack of new office developments has led to even greater demand for office space. With a diverse mix of offices to rent and for sale offering a range of attractive benefits, it’s no surprise that the office segment is still highly competitive.

At MOVEHUT, we have offices available to rent or buy in locations across the UK in all size and price ranges to suit all requirements and budgets. Here we take a closer look at office commercial property.

Finding an office with MOVEHUT

Whether you’re searching for an office to rent or buy, here are a few tips that will make the process easier. The mantra of location, location, location has become something of a cliché and this is because you should never underestimate the impact the location could have on your business. Is the location of the office convenient for your clients and visitors? Is it easily accessible for yourself and your staff? These are useful questions to consider when searching for office space. So too are the size of the properties, whether there is adequate parking and what other amenities it offers. Being sure about what factors are most important to you will help you make the right choice.

Offices around the UK

At MOVEHUT, our listings include a huge selection of offices in major cities like London, Leeds and Edinburgh. Alternatively, if you’re searching for office space in locations like Stockport and Staines, we can help with that too. MOVEHUT is constantly adding office properties across the UK to our listings to provide you with the widest possible choice.

Renting or buying an office

With offices, most companies and businesses choose to rent, however, you do have the option of buying an office. Whether you choose to rent or buy will largely depend on multiple factors, such as how long you envisage needing the office for, whether you’re looking for an office for an investment and whether your financials are suitable to rent or buy. All these points are covered in more detail in our renting and buying an office guide pages.

Who are offices suitable for?

Offices are suitable for a variety of industries and cover sectors like:

  • Clerical work
  • Banking and investment
  • Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Web development
  • Agency


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