Renting an Office Property

If you're planning to rent an office, then our handy category guide should make you search easier. We list key rental points and all the factors you should consider when searching for an office to rent.

Locating an office property to let

Whatever you’re looking for in an office, we aim to make it easy to find the perfect commercial property to rent, here at MOVEHUT. So whether you’re searching for a small office for your start-up business or extra floor space for your growing staff, we’re sure to have something to suit your requirements.

Reasons to rent an office

Renting an office can often prove to be the viable option when compared with buying. Factors like more free working capital and other additional benefits all could swing your decision in the favour of a rental office. You can view our key reasons to consider renting an office below:

Free up working capital

By renting rather than purchasing, your initial outlay is much less. Renting an office will mean your month by month costs may be higher going forward, but you won’t need the large lump sum required to buy up front. In turn, the extra money saved in the short term can be used on staff wages, office or business equipment or anything else that you may require to manage your business.

Less management with a rental office

By renting an office, you are additionally freeing yourself from certain management tasks related to the office property. You will not have to manage or organise the security of the property or the maintenance.

Business growth

With an office rental, your lease period can be more flexible, ranging from 3 to 20 years. This means you won’t be tied in as you might be with a purchase. If you are careful with your commercial office lease negotiation, you might even be able to make it easier for you move at shorter notice or have the option of a break term.

Lower operating costs

With a rental, any associated costs that you would typically pay if you owned the property will all be transferred to the lease party. For example, repairs or maintenance on the building would all fall under the responsibilities under the lease rather than yourself, unless specifically stated in your lease agreement.

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