Buying an Office Property

Buying an office property can be a daunting task with all the options available thrown at you. Our office buying guide should allow you to quickly sort and organise exactly what is important to you when it comes to purchasing an office.

Locating an office property to buy

Buying an office will give you control of the commercial property and provide your business with long term security. Equally, office space is always in demand and offers good rental value to investors. So if you’re planning to buy an office property, whether to accommodate your staff or as an investment, MOVEHUT is here to help. We have office commercial properties for sale throughout the UK in a range of locations and sizes. So if you’re searching for an office for sale, you’ll find that the service we offer provides you with everything you need to make the right choice.

Reasons to buy an office

Buying an office is a much bigger step but offer huge rewards in the long term. Deciding to purchase an office over renting can allow you to benefit from the general trend towards property price growth, and the stable fixed costs and rent increase protection they offer. These along with numerous other benefits of buying an office are detailed below:

Increase in property value

Property prices typically increase over time, even through downward market trends, prices typically rise back up and increase. Therefore, purchasing an office gives you a potential investment property for the future.

Permanent residence

While a lease agreement on a rental office can provide you with security for a number of years, buying your own office space means you have ultimate control. You won’t have to worry about not being able to renegotiate your lease, and you will be able make any changes necessary to the office that you require.

Fixed costs

Buying an office can allow you to effectively map out the costs of your business for the next foreseeable years, you will know you exact costs, and can better plan for the future costs.

Protection against inflation

Due to landlords terms, rents are typically only negotiated upwards meaning your rent is only likely to increase over time, either due to inflation, a rise in the value of office space in your area or new neighbouring tenants moving in on a higher priced contract.

Option to rent out extra space

With an office that you own, you have the ability to rent out any additional space. For example, you may have a two storey office building and only one of the floors is required by your business. The other floor can be separated into a new space with minimal changes, or it may already be suitable. In this case, the additional floor space can be rented out to another firm or business, giving you the ability to lower your own costs while your company has the room to grow in the future, should you ever need the whole space again.

Ability to make changes to the property

Owning an office affords you the ability to have free reign to make any changes that you need or deem necessary. No landlord means you don’t have to ask permission before looking to make any changes, providing you adhere to planning guidelines.

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