Office Categories

Learn about the various classes of office property, from the upper market class A offices, to the more affordable and readily available class C offices. Our guide should make navigating the office property hierarchy really easy.

Office property categories

Offices are unofficially graded according to a number of factors and classified as Grade A, B or C. These classification are not official classes as previously mentioned, but are recognised by many organisations and bodies and all typically refer to the three grades in a similar fashion. While these rankings are subjective and not official they often give a good indication of the quality of offices available in the UK property market.

Grade A offices

Offices that are graded as Grade A will usually be found in prime locations and will provide the highest quality space with the highest rental value. The interior of Grade A offices will often be at the top end of the market and the offices themselves will be situated in thriving business areas or complexes. The Grade A offices will typically have state of the art equipment and technology, modern accessibility and provide a superb work environment.

Grade B offices

Grade B offices are sought after by a wide range of businesses. These are frequently former Grade A stock and offer perfectly adequate accommodation at a lower rental value. Grade B offices are typically suitable for a diverse mix of businesses, have good interior finish as well as good quality equipment and technology. These offices will also be located in busy areas but be on average of an older age or lower perceived status than the Grade A offices.

Grade C offices

If you’re searching for a functional office at the lower end of the market then Grade C office space could be ideal for your business. Grade C offices are typically of lower finish than both A and B grade offices. The locations of Grade C offices can be in less desirable areas or further from the busy areas of a centre.

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