Buying Land

Buying land is a popular choice and in the UK and MOVEHUT can make finding land for sale effective. This section takes closer look at what types of businesses may want to consider buying land and factors to take into account during your search.

Locating a piece of land for sale

There may be a number of possible reasons for businesses requiring land to buy. These can range from builders, car dealers and any other businesses in need of open storage space. In addition, farmers and other rural businesses, as well as many developers and investors across the UK are always on the lookout for land.

Buying land in the UK is a relatively simple process and can be concluded a lot faster than other commercial property transactions.

It should also be remembered that there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when searching for land for sale. Some of the points below are unique to the land category while others are similar to transactions of other commercial property types.

Land zoning

Land zoning classification (please refer to ‘Land Zoning and Uses’ section for the detailed information)

Planning permission

Although the initial cost is higher to buy land with planning permission already granted, it could be more cost and time effective in the long run, as well as causing you less stress. as gaining planning permission can be a lengthy process.


As with any other commercial property types, choosing the right location is so crucial. Is the location convenient to public transport links and important amenities?

Utilities availability

It’s worth considering if utilities are nearby by or available at reasonable cost Providing new infrastructure can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Therefore carry out local searches from your local authority to make sure water, electricity and gas are available in the area you decide to buy land in, whether you will require utilities now or in the future.

Ground type and quality required

Depending on how you plan to utilise the land after you’ve purchased, it’s important to consider what type and quality you will require the land to be. For instance, is the land quality good enough to build a commercial property on?

Environmental impacts of nearby areas

Will the land suffer from environmental effects of nearby areas? For example, by locating in the centre of an extremely busy city or by industrial premises, you may suffer from noise and air pollution, which you may want to avoid.

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