Renting Land

When it comes to renting land, there are a number of things you should remember. This section outlines the advantages that land to rent is able to offer, how it may be suitable for certain types of businesses and how MOVEHUT is the perfect place to start your land to rent search.

Renting a piece of land

While renting land is a less common transaction type in the UK than purchasing, it is still possible and it can offer various advantages, such as;

Low initial cost

By renting land, you can avoid high upfront cost that you would face with buying. So land to rent may be more suitable if you want to enter the market easily and quickly.

Flexibility on term length

You will enjoy from no long term commitment. This means you have flexibility to upgrade the land as your business grows or vice versa. This also means you would have no long financial commitment, which means you would not have to worry about commercial loans or financing.

Other cost considerations

As well as the short term financial commitment it can offer, there are other advantages in terms of cost. For example, by leasing or renting, the Stamp Duty Land Tax you would potentially be liable on the land would be significantly lower.

As well as the advantages listed above, there will be number of disadvantages you should also look into. For instance, the landlord may decide to increase the rental cost upon renewal due to inflation or other factors.

You will find a great choice of land to rent in the UK with MOVEHUT. Our listings include a comprehensive selection of land in both urban and rural locations available to rent right now. So once you have a clear idea of the factors, such as the price range, size, location, use classes and whether you want to rent land with or without planning permission, start your land search today.

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