Land Zoning and Uses

Land zoning is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when searching for land in the UK. MOVEHUT takes a close look at what land can possibly be zoned for and other relevant information regarding land zoning and uses.

The zoning of land and permitted usage

Land zoning explains the permitted usage of land decided by the local authority of each location. Depending on what use the land you’re looking into renting or buying is zoned for, it could restrict the types of properties you can build on and business activities you carry out. Therefore, this is something that should definitely be looked into before you start your search for land. For the land zoning information of your area, you should contact your local authority who may provide you with the land zone maps or layouts of the location and what purpose each area can be used for.

The types of land zone classes in the UK include;

  • Agricultural land
  • Woodland
  • Recreation
  • Transport
  • Residential
  • Community buildings
  • Commercial

For example, land that is designated for residential use cannot be used for commercial use, whether building a commercial property on it or using as a car park. What’s more within the categories listed above, they are subdivided to even smaller and more specific categories. For instance, different types of commercial properties or businesses are differently zoned, although they are all categorised under ‘commercial use’.

However, it should be remembered that it may be possible to get zones changed. In order to do this, you will be required to provide the local authority with a good reason and how the changes will have a positive economical and environmental impact on the area.

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