Land Types

There are various different types of land that you can choose to acquire. Read on to find out what each land category is and which type may be ideal for your planned usage.

Land classes and types

Businesses are frequently looking for land for sale or rent for a variety of purposes. Additionally, land can be bought either for development or as a long term investment by individuals. Below we look at a selection of business uses and the sub categories attracting investors and developers.

Industrial land

At MOVEHUT you will find land for sale or rent in a variety of sizes and locations suitable for a range of uses. We have small plots of land that might be ideal for open industrial storage. This might be perfect for use as a builder’s yard or for the storage of scaffolding, pallets or tyres.

You will also find larger plots of land that would be ideal for used car lots, commercial vehicle storage and car parking. Other businesses may require land for sale or rent for the bulk storage of containers and other freight.

Agricultural land / Farm land

The market for agricultural land is robust as demand for farmland throughout the UK continues to grow. This is particularly true in the case of arable land where demand frequently exceeds availability.

Grazing land is also popular and there is a healthy demand for equestrian land. In addition agricultural land might be suitable for a range of rural businesses and can easily be adapted for a variety of leisure and recreational purposes.

As agricultural land has proved itself to be an asset with considerable potential for growth, it is likely to become an increasingly attractive sub-category to investors as well as traditional farmers.

Brownfield land

The term Brownfield land describes abandoned or underused land that is available for development. This is generally found in urban locations and has a history of industrial usage.

Over recent years there has been extensive development on Brownfield sites particularly in cities previously associated with heavy industry.

The potential of Brownfield land, for either residential or commercial property development, has fuelled demand and ongoing urban regeneration projects are likely to sustain this.

Greenbelt land

Greenbelt land is undeveloped land either used for agriculture or left in its natural state. Unfenced open fields are a prime example of Greenbelt sites.

Greenbelt land is in demand as the UK housing shortage drives the need to identify more sites for development.

Contaminated land

Contaminated land is a term used to describe land with a high level of contamination due to previous industrial use, waste disposal, accidents or spillages. The Environment Agency estimates that there could be around 300,000 acres of contaminated land in the UK.

There is a growing market for contaminated land with potential for development but first it must be made safe. This is usually achieved by excavation and removal or soil washing and this must be carried out by experienced remediation companies.

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