Take a look at the commercial property category information here at MOVEHUT. We have covered all the main property types we have on our website, from office, land, industrial and retail property to auction property and businesses for sale. We have detailed information specific to each property category, to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. 

The diverse mix of commercial property categories

The diverse mix of properties in the commercial market covers everything from offices and serviced offices to land for sale and businesses for sale. The term, commercial property actually refers to any building or land that is used to generate a profit, whether that profit comes from rental income or capital gain on the property’s value. Just from this term you can understand how the commercial property market is much bigger than many people would think, covering almost every type of conceivable property.

Many of the categories defined in the commercial market share some overlap in their categorisation or order of hierarchy. For example, while office, serviced offices and meeting rooms are all separate categories, both serviced offices and meeting rooms can be classed as sub categories or children of the office category. By the same token, there are then even more examples if we consider that virtual offices are essentially a sub category of serviced offices, leading to a parent, child and grandchild relationship. This occurs in plenty of other categories too, like industrial being a parent in some form of warehouse property, yet both markets are big enough to be a property type that are in demand and, therefore, deserving of their own classification and categorisation.

Commercial property information resource

Our commercial property category information section aims to provide the most detailed resources available online on the various properties, whether they are parent categories, child categories or even grandchildren.

With each category, we provide a useful overview, and then delve into more detailed sections unique to that property category. We list information on many topics, some of which we can explore in more detail below.

Commercial property categories and renting

Whether you are planning to rent a car garage or a public house, our category information guides will make navigating the commercial property rental market really simple. Our rental might give you some tips on factors to be aware of before rushing in.

Commercial property categories and buying

When it comes to buying a commercial property of your chosen category, you might find it’s much harder to make a decision than it would be if renting. Typically, the commitment of buying can be a much larger investment, and we have therefore provided lots of relevant commercial property category information regardless of which type of commercial property you’re interesting in.

Commercial property category advantages and disadvantages

Often there are many facets of commercial property where there is uncertainty depending on your options. We have a plethora of bespoke information on each category, and if you are considering whether renting or buying is the right option, or what the positive and negative points of buying a commercial property at auction are, we should be able to help. Additionally, if you’re planning on buying a business for example, we have information on the advantages and disadvantages of the process of buying, which should help you develop a good understanding of what you could stand to gain.

Commercial property category FAQs

We have plenty of commercial property FAQs on some of the categories. So if you are looking to find out exactly what some common questions are when you’re searching for a leisure or healthcare property, we have plenty of frequently asked questions for you to take a look at.

Use classes and commercial property categories

All commercial properties are affected by use classes, and whatever category of commercial property you’re looking for information on, we should have something suitable for you. Some categories like shops and retail are fairly limited in their usage range, so the overall number of relevant use classes is relatively low. In other categories like businesses for sale, the sheer variety of properties and businesses covered means that the range of use classes is going to be much greater and more diverse.


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